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Kate is an obsessive compulsive woman with a cooking show. She screams when the paper towels don’t tear off straight, somehow gets chocolate to explode, and basically wreaks havoc in the kitchen. She’s funny and sarcastic, and viewers love her.Should a woman with hormone issues actually wield a frying pan?Kate compulsively paints out graffiti, corrects grammar on public signs, and tries not to embarrass her husband and three kids. She longs for the days when she created crossword puzzles for the local paper, and tries to convert her therapist into a word person. Still, her life is in relative control because she wisely moved far away from her life’s nemesis, her sister—a flamboyant artist and her polar opposite. In this laugh-out-loud novel, Kate’s life turns upside down when the very sister she despises suddenly moves in with her. Kate’s sense of family obligation and propriety keeps her from throwing Jackie out onto the street, but she makes lists of people she’d like to murder this afternoon, and Numbers One through Three are Jackie.How can Kate avoid spending the rest of her life in a padded cell?

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