Ian R. MacLeod - Voyages by Starlight. PDF

PDF Short story collection from earlier in his career.Some were okay, especially when dealing with tragedy and regret and how future technology probably won't genuinely improve things but just make them prolonged.Not too many hopeful moments that aren't dashed as the stories progress.One deals with a time-traveler of sorts who can revisit his happiest moments but never change how they ended.Another a young couple in a time where human biology is very different and childhood and adulthood have very strict boundaries and even different sexuality.Another turns out to be about a long starship voyage spent in a virtual reality that hides the perpetual inability to find another viable planet.It all starts with a story set during The Troubles in Ireland and how someone might become a terrorist.In the end, though, I can't give it much more of a rating mainly because I just prefer the novel as a deeper, more immersive experience.

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