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PDF James Ninness is a writer of fiction. Though he primarily writes comic books and short stories, he dabbles in film and television as well.

After getting his degree in English: Creative Writing from Cal State University Long Beach in 2007, James married the love of his life and the two of them made a couple babies and adopted a few dogs. He currently lives with his family in Orange, California.

Most recently, James has finished work on the book Play & Aurora Borealis, a two-story collection, and SAMSARA, a 30 page one-shot comic with artist Scott Irwin.

In 2013, James released in Sanity, AZ, a horror anthology comic with three other writers and over twenty artists, and Chronicles of a Full-Time Father, a collection of blog-memoirs documenting his experiences as a stay-at-home dad. James released his first prose collection, Macabre Rising, a series of six short horror stories in 2012. Before that, from around 2009 to 2012, James created and developed six graphic properties through Keyleaf Comics, including: MYTHOI, Sim-I, DUST, The Heaven’s, Drace Grey, andThe Undergrounds.

More books–prose and comics alike–are currently being crafted.

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