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PDF VIOLENCE IS MY BUSINESSDuncan Lord has everything to live for a professorship at a prestigious college, the prospect of a top government job, an apparently happy marriage. Yet Chester Drum, hired to find out who the professor is sleeping with, penetrates a police cordon just in time to see Lord jump to his death from a fourth-floor ledge in the midst of Homecoming festivities. When Drum is accused of using his knowledge to blackmail the professor, his private investigator's license is lifted. The only way he can get it back is to learn what drove Lord to suicide. Was it an obsession with the call girl Bobby Hayst? Or was there something far more sinister? To find the truth, Drum must dodge a sadistic sheriff, a vengeful fellow professor, and a crooked investigator with the highest Washington connections all conspiring to make Drum's exit from his line of work a permanent one! TURN LEFT FOR MURDERAs a teenager on the mean streets of Brooklyn, Norm Fisher had found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He'd witnessed a gangland killing. Worse, he'd driven the getaway car for Big Danny Cooper and Buggsy. They wanted him in the gang, but Fisher joined the Army instead. Now he's out, married with one kid and another on the way, and Buggsy wants him back. Buggsy has a particular hit in mind the special prosecutor for gangbusting! and he'll do whatever it takes to bring Fisher into it. Big Danny, execution expert for the mob's Brooklyn branch, has plans for Fisher too, and between them they give him no choice. The lives of his wife and child hang in the balance, and no matter which way he turns, the road leads to murder.

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