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PDF Few crimes catch the attention of newspaper readers as much as the murder of someone rich, famous and powerful. When a celebrity dies in suspicious circumstances the headlines get bigger and the readers get wider-eyed.

Who killed Marilyn Monroe? Why did John Lennon die? Did Freddie Mills shoot himself, or was he rubbed out by the mob? Read the evidence and you'll be astounded. What lay behind the killing of Versace? Was he a victim of a mad stalker, or did the Mafia become involved? Who shot dead a British Prime Minister, and why? And what were the motives behind the mission to murder Mahatma Gandhi, a man of peace?

These are just some of the famous murders investigated in this enthralling anthology which searches behind the headlines to analyze mysterious deaths that shocked the world. Each story takes you into the heart of the celebrities' domain of power, sex and love, a cocktail of ingredients that attract jealousy, greed and envy-and sometimes lead to horrific deaths.

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