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PDF From the moment her daschund humped his leg on a Soho street, aspiring rock star/subway performer Curtis Birnbaum knew he was a goner. He sensed Camilla was a woman who would equally inspire and terrify him. And, miraculously, his ploys for her affection work. With the addition of Camilla to his life, the only thing he lacks for complete happiness is that elusive record deal (and some health insurance). But then, ominously, Camilla begins to slip away.

In this daring East Village love story, Nick Fowler gives us a hero who is completely honest about his heartbreak. We root for Curtis as he bottoms out and blunders his way through a series of hilarious misadventures—from a nude modeling stint, to a regretable steam room incident at Crunch gym, to a destination he has only dreamed of: the top floor of Worldwide Plaza where the record moguls preside. Through it all, Curtis remains determined to win back Camilla. Delightfully quirky and unexpectedly poignant, A Thing (or Two) about Curtis and Camilla conjures a tale about the price of love that is as true as it is hysterical.

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