Lauren Nixon - Jane Austen A Celebration of her Life and Work. PDF

PDF What first attracted me to this book is of course the subject "Jane Austen", a favorite of mine for some time now. When I'm having a particularly down day, the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice bluray makes an appearance, or "Sense and Sensibility", the one with Alan Rickman (yum!). Of course I wanted this book! Plus, it was discounted down to $24. Right price, it was mine!

I loved all the pictures, and the thorough explanations about different aspects of Regency life, as well as the references to Jane's life represented in the books. It is a beautifully put together book, and well researched too. I learned some interesting titbits, and awakened the desire to read Pride and Prejudice again before the end. In fact, I had to put this and another book on hold to do so!

I seriously loved the pictures. The comic style drawings, and the photos of areas and maps made this book come alive. If I had a dining table though, I would have read it there as it is a large book and I couldn't get comfortable reading it and looking! Still, one must do this with larger books. It will find a special place of my shelves however, despite it's size.

A great book, and a must for anyone who loves Jane Austen, four stars.

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