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PDF In Into the Buzzsaw, the award-winning exposé of investigative journalism, Kristina Borgesson shattered the silence about efforts to quash the public's right to know the truth. In Feet to the Fire, she breaks new ground by offering candid, often alarming conversations with America's most distinguished journalists and news executives, revealing what they really think about the companies they work for and each other, the Bush administration, their pre-Iraq war and war coverage, and much more.
Focusing on the post 9/11 crisis period, Borjesson has interviewed ABC’s Ted Koppel, Hearst Newspaper’s Helen Thomas, Paul Krugman of the New York Times, Barton Gellman and Walter Pincus of the Washington Post, Associated Press President/CEO Tom Curley, Harpers publisher John MacArthur, and many others. This collection of masterful interviews unveils a journalistic environment that rivals any long-running soap opera on television. Filled with astonishing personal stories, conflict, and drama, Feet to the Fire gives readers the rare opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of this nation’s most powerful journalists and news executives and experience their highly stressful environments.
With each new and revealing interview, Borjesson gathers devastating details from national security and intelligence reporters, White House journalists, Middle East experts, war correspondents, and others. Like pieces of a terrible puzzle, these conversations combine to provide a hair-raising view of the mechanisms by which the truth has been manufactured post 9/11.

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