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PDF Experience greater information system success by taking a walk on the human side Approaching the subject from a managerial perspective, rather than a technical point of view, Pinto and Millet provide practical information you can use now. Successful implementation of information systems technology lies in managing the behavioral and organizational components of the process. Past data on this subject has involved mostly case studies, but this book provides practical information that those implementing information systems can use now.Pinto and Millet offer practical information on approaching the subject of IS from a managerial, rather than a technical, perspective. The second edition of this work covers such topics as implementation theory, prioritizing projects, implementation success and failure, critical success factors, techniques for planning and scheduling, dealing with change control pressures, system development life-cycle politics, improving the analysis and design phase, team building and cross-functional cooperation, and the MIS zoo.

Table of Contents

I. The Problem with Information System Projects

II. Implementation Theory: What the Past Has Taught Us

III. Defining Implementation Success and Failure

IV. Critical Success Factors in Information System Projects

V. Techniques for Project Selection, Planning and Scheduling

VI. The Politics of Implementation

VII. Team Building and Cross-Functional Cooperation: Setting the Stage for Success

VIII. Leadership and Project Success

IX. Implementation Champions: Our Most Valuable Untapped Resource

X. The End Game: Finishing the Project on a High Note

XI. Conclusions: Quo Vadis?

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