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PDF Galen, Iago and Jonir have been captured by Marten, who plans on turning them in to the Tyran Clerics to meet their fate as enemies of the city. A desperate escape attempt leaves Iago free from the clutches of the guards, but banished from the Wind Riders. As Galen and Jonir are taken to the Old City, to be held in the infamous Lobishr Prison, Iago learns about the true betrayal of their mission from strange new allies. After making an agreement that could save not only himself, but the future of the Wind Riders, Iago must decide if he should risk it all by venturing deep below Tyr, to save the very same friends who cast him out. For Iago, failure would mean more than his own death. It would mean the end of the Wind Riders. Meanwhile, Emra, a Trohman woman on the run from her past, enters the grand city of Tyr with only one desire... to be free of the hunter who seeks to end her life. But can even the mighty Tyran Clerics protect her from a man who seemingly can't be stopped? Book 2 of the Wind Riders Chronicles.

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