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PDF This autobiographic story is about my life in the Marine Corps, and it is unlike any other story you'll ever read about the Marines. It's not a war story, although it did take place toward the end of the Vietnam War. So, don't look for a John Wayne type character in the author, it's just not me. It was at a time when the draft had just ended, and this was the beginning of an all-volunteer armed service for our country. It's not a victim's story because I'm dyslexic. I'm much more of a man because I'm dyslexic and a Marine veteran, as the story tells.

The Marine Corps and my dyslexia helped me achieve great things in life. However, being a dyslexic Marine does have it's drawbacks, too. This story is a humorous, adventurous, and emotional account of my experiences as a Marine. But, it also tells what happens when things are not so honorable. I talk about being pulled from basic training, and shipped to the dark side of Parris Island, a place no Marine talks about. I talk of my horrible family tragedy, and the effect it had on me and the ones I loved.

I speak about both at home and abroad of romance, lust, love, and heartbreak. You'll read what it's really like to travel around the world on a Navy ship, seeing ports of call. The story is nothing like one told before. I tell of my accomplishments as a Marine, and also write of my long list of criminal activity. I wrote about the criminal underworld of the Marines, a few good criminals, but most were not that good. I talk about the thieves, loan sharks, and drug dealers living among us at our barracks and on the open seas. I told of stories about drinking, drugging, and fighting. I spoke of many honorable Marines and some pretty despicable characters. This is one true real life Marine Corps story, and I am proud to say it's my own.

Semper Fi,

Richard "Dick" W. Kraemer

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