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PDF It’s the last thing Rob Thornton, up and coming Manchester barrister with a reputation for prosecuting rapists and wife beaters, expects.An early morning knock on the door bringing a warrant for his arrest…on a charge of rape.Within days the mysterious Angelita Covas retracts her accusation, and disappears.Haunted by her disappearance Rob embarks on a mission to find her, and to clear his name. The trail leads to London where Rob is threatened at knife point; warned off in Belgravia; kidnapped and threatened. Worse is yet to come. A series of rhyming text messages arrive, each one foretelling the death of someone connected to him.Rob has a sinister Secret Santa, and the answer lies in subterranean tunnels deep beneath City of Manchester, where Rob comes face to face with Angelita, the truth, and his nemesis.One of them must die; the choice is his!

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