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PDF Having bought the trilogy of "The Hawk and the Dove" series, and having enjoyed the first book so much, I was really eager to continue on.The Wounds of God starts much like The Hawk and the Dove did, with the same style of a "meta-tale," many of the same characters, but some new themes.I did enjoy this book.However, about midway through, Melissa and her family (the protagonists in the present) simply dropped off the scene!These stories were supposed to be their family's tradition, truer in some senses than others, meant to explain their heritage of faith.I really felt the loss of this aspect of the book, since Melissa's reactions to these stories were an important part of the way the reader related to them.
As the title suggests, this book also places an incredibly high emphasis on the physical sufferings of Christ.This didn't surprise me, since the symbol of the Catholic church is a crucifix, but the feeling seemed to be that the fact that Christ once and for all defeated death and now reigns at the right hand of God does us no earthly good.It seemed to serve the purposes of the characters better to remember Him in agony, so that they could identify with Him better.That may sound nit-picky, and I really do understand the comfort that can be drawn from the fact that Christ partook of our sufferings.However, the preponderance of "God's wounds" in this book really does miss the lessons we learn from knowing where Jesus is now, and what the bearings that has on the way we live out our walks.
I may read this book again, or I may not...for me, it fell somewhat short of the Wilcock's first offering.

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