Jim Davis - Garfield Beefs Up (Garfield #37). PDF

PDF This was a funny collection of Garfield comic-strips, about the obnoxious and sarcastic Garfield the cat, who isn't very nice to his owner John and thinks whatever he says, so the reader knows that John doesn't have an idea what he's talking about. Garfield hates the doctor, likes Sharlene, and hates that cat from next door who I forgot the name of, while John can't get a girlfriend and gets dumped on every date he goes own. He grew up on a farm, isn't that smart, and bores his dates to sleep. He gets into lots of trouble, and Garfield usually makes the trouble worse, and gets in trouble himself by ruining the neighbors garden or something. Though some of these comic-strips are weird or gross, the book\s are mainly funny. I recommend it, but Calvin and Hobbes first.

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