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PDF A novel about romance, about passion, and about the choices a man and a woman are forced to make between love and their careers

Melissa Havers is one of the brightest rising young stars in the ultra-competitive world of trauma surgery. When she lands a position at the prestigious St Matthew’s Hospital in London, she’s determined to beat the odds as a woman and become the best in her field.

But Melissa didn’t expect her boss, Daniel Finmore-Gage - Fin, as he’s known, and the most brilliant surgeon in the city - to have quite such an impact on her from the start.

And she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him.

Fin, though, has his reasons for not returning Melissa’s feelings. He’s been married before, he’s too professional to abuse the authority he has over her - and he harbours a dark secret which he can’t reveal to Melissa, and which has made him vow he’ll never put anything before his work.

Not even love...

As the powerful forces which bind these two strong, vital personalities threaten to disrupt the very functioning of the service to which they’ve both dedicated their professional careers, a crisis occurs which will test not only the bond between them, but also their commitment to the lives they’ve chosen for themselves.

Breathtaking in its suspense, and heartbreaking in its portrayal of a love affair that appears at once inevitable and doomed to failure, St Matthew’s Passion is a thrilling novel by a practising doctor which blends authentic specialist medical detail with a universal story of the complexities of the human heart.

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