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PDF You know, I know I liked this book (though I found it uneven), but I'm always at a loss as to how to review poetry.Even if I'm supposedly working towards becoming a literary scholar, and one who frequently teaches poetry, I suppose I tend to have a sort of visceral reaction to something or I react not at all.Either way, these are affective and not necessarily intellectual responses.I'll say one critique though:Gunn's rigid formalism seems to be a real double-edged sword for this collection:at times, it manages to retrieve his more emotional portraits of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from maudlin-"Philadelphia" style tearjerkers; at others, his insistence on clear rhyme schemes or metered lines leads the poetry into a kind of facile tone, or one that feels more weightless than it should, if that makes any sense.Not that it's being silly, but that it begins to be a bit like cotton candy; it's there for a moment of pleasure and then dissolves into nothingness, leaving no memory behind it.The first and fourth parts were my personal favorites, though I need to go back and close read some of the specific pieces for my field exam soon.Perhaps an update to this review then.

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