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PDF The crazy thing about *Friends Of A Feather* is the book is just that. Over the past several months I have acknowledge quite a few people here and there but what you failed to realize is these people that I've mentioned has the craziest talent. See, in a world full of darkness it's kind of hard to see the light but me personally I have no problem carrying a flashlight and a bag full a batteries. I come to you with something different; I come to you with four of the most talented people I know. Their ink is bananas I couldn't have pulled this off without them. The very same ones that pushed me to create awesomeness, I now give them ample opportunity to spill a little ink and I must tell you it's about to get messy. My family is about to create perfect chaos, so let me shut up and introduce *Friends Of A Feather* I hope y'all enjoy what we had fun creating.....

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