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PDF A modern day fable about our fear of not "measuring up." Polly is a little petunia who is just plain pleased to be in Mrs. Shumway's garden. She plays tag with her flower friends when Whoosh, the gentle Wind stops by, and loves the little garden snails, Zip and Zoom. But everything changes on the day the Garden Club comes to visit. There are "ooh's" for Lucy Lavender, "ahh's" for Mike Marigold, but no "ooh's" nor "ahh's" for Polly. The little petunia then begins on a journey that brings her down to the ground before she discovers the secret which helps her blossom into her best petunia self. Beautifully written this book is an allegory that helps children and adults understand that it is only when we measure ourselves with ourselves that we gain self esteem to resist our own negativity and perhaps even other's bullying.

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