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PDF Welcome to the sensual, savage and fantastic world of Altiva. It is a world of crystal-smiths and warp wizards, first visited in the novel Death at Dragonthroat where Ku'zn, blue furred warrior woman of the Z'n, gained her freedom from slavery. Now she begins a journey to free her brother, who along with her had been sold into contract bondage to save her tribe. She visits the strange, plague-wracked city of Orania only to encounter bigotry and deception in her search for him. It is a quest that will separate her from those she loves and force her to confront her darkest fears, desires and deepest inner doubts. She battles hideous monsters, duels skilled assassins, combats religious zealots and fights to save the warp orphan, Earthman T.K. Mitchell, from himself. Along the way she just might find love and discover the true meaning of family before it is too late...

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