Jay Stevenson - Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires. PDF

PDF I enjoy reading the "idiot's guides" series, and this one was no exception. it was a pleasant read, but i did have some issues with it.

Your personal beliefs will influence how seriously you take this book. quite a few parts were quite amusing, and hard to take seriously.

Also, quite often it groups "witches" into the "mythical" or "dark" types of creatures. I did NOT find this amusing. i am a pagan witch, and don't appreciate being referred to as practically subhuman. The author makes one tiny reference to wiccan witches, but this does not excuse the flagrant story spinning throughout the rest of the book.

Aside from that, i did enjoy the book. i learned some things that i didnt know, and i enjoyed my reading experience. i dont regret buying it.

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