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PDF For the first time, the entire first series of Dark Season books is available in one volume. Total word count is over 180,000 words, approximately 700 to 800 pages of a printed book.

When Sophie Hart is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious, silent vampire, she discovers that she is part of a dark prophecy. Patrick is the last vampire on Earth, having killed the rest of his species at the end of a bloody war, and he has plans for Sophie. But will she survive?

This volume collects the first 8 Dark Season books, covering the entire first series. Along the way, Sophie encounters not only a vampire but also werewolves, ghosts, evil maids with sharp teeth, crazed psychiatrists and dream-sucking Tenderlings. She travels to Gothos, the ancestral home of the vampires. She discovers a secret hidden inside the body of an old woman, and later she finds another dark secret hidden inside her own body.

This volume contains all 8 books in the first series

Book 1: The Last Vampire
Book 2: Sentinel
Book 3: Army of Wolves
Book 4: The Civil Dead
Book 5: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller
Book 6: Gothos
Book 7: Testament
Book 8: Dead End

Also included in this collection is Lupine Howl volume I, the first volume in a new werewolf series set in the same universe as Dark Season, but with different characters.

Please note: This book contains violence, swearing and sexual scenes. Also, the end of the whole book finishes on something of a cliffhanger, which will be resolved when the next Dark Season book comes out in July 2012.

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