Yumi Tamura - Basara, Vol. 16. PDF

PDF Synopsis:

At last, "Tatara" and the Red King have met in battle. The fighting was fierce, but the revelation of their true identities proved to be the most devastating. Now they must find a way to carry on and fulfill their destinies.

My Thoughts:

Sarasa is truly in a bad way in this volume. She isn't all together sane. She's been fighting without even knowing it. A surprise meeting seems to bring her back to herself. I'm so glad for that. She's also set into motion the first beginnings of her new free Japan, but there are still enemies afoot. Watch your back, Sasara!

Meanwhile, Shuri has found himself in a pretty bad situation, but he doesn't seem motivated enough to care. How will he regain his senses? And when he does, what will he do?

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