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PDF Dr. Michael Cayle and his family are moving to a small town in New Hampshire. They left Manhattan for some peace and quiet of the country. Michael will become the local doctor in the town of Ashborough. There is some unknown force that has a hold on this city. The surrounding towns want nothing to do with Ashborough. The town has a legend about some evil force that dwell in the woods. It seems that once you move here, there is no turning around. If you try to leave, you are attacked by these savage creatures who live in the woods. Cayle neighbor, Phillip Deighton takes Michael on the trip into the deep dark woods. He leads Michael to this strange rock formation that reminds him a little of Stonehenge. The center stone in this formation appears to be some type of altar. Deighton starts to spin a tale about ancient evil that lurks in the woods. Michael is starting to feel like a prisoner in his own home. Little does Michael know that his nightmare has just begun. Can Michael and family escape this cursed town in New Hampshire? Unfortunately the climax of this novel does not tell you the outcome. There is a sequel to this book, Return To Darkness. You will have to read the sequel to see if Michael and his family can escape Ashborough.

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