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PDF Since World War I, a handful of returning thrill-seeking war veterans saw themselves as renegade free spirits or "outlaw" bikers or the "one-percenters" - monikers that would later become synonymous with carefree, lawless motorcyclists. Some of these men had come from the death-defying experiences of war and feared nothing. Some road alone; others rode in groups that became organized into gangs or clubs of like-minded road warriors. Today, well over seven million motorcycles are registered in the United States alone, with an estimated ten million riders. This book presents testimonies about God's grace and sacrificial love ? a love that surpasses human understanding. A love that is willing to reach down into the pits of hell to save the lost and the forgotten - the one-percenters. It is about a love so great that it is willing to forgive no matter what a person's past may have been. God has apparently found some willing servants to go into the dives and hell holes of the biker society and prisons to spread His message of forgiving love to those who are hard to reach or unwilling to be reached by others. These testimonies will touch your very soul or that of someone you love and, perhaps, change a life forever.

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