Violet Hamilton - A Valentine's Day Treasure. PDF

PDF The Gilded Cage by Janis Laden

Escorted to her aunt's home in Yorkshire by the arrogant Viscount Weddington, Alexandra Ruttledge was dismayed when a winter storm kept the Viscount from leaving. But would the Valentine's Day festivities bring a warming of her heart?

A Ring for Remembrance by Georgina Devon

A failed elopement and a lost memory have kept Carolly Stanhope-Jones and Alexander Staunton apart for seven years. But this year's ball on Valentine's Day might bring back a lost, though not forgotten, love.

The Bay Leaf Legend by Violet Hamilton

Annabel Maitland laughed at the legend which said that the first eligible gentleman to cross the threshold on Valentine's Day would be her husband. Until Charles Fitzherbert stepped through the door...

A Play of Hearts by Valerie King

Acting out Romeo and Juliet on Valentine's Day seemed just the thing to avert a dreaded elopement, but Miss Beth Ferrers hadn't counted on the arrival of Lord Brenton and his reaction to the play... and her!

Tattered Valentine by Irene Loyd Black

Lady Lucinda Ellsworth had kept the Valentine given to her by a childhood sweetheart for the last 14 years. Now she was to see him again-at a Valentine's Day Ball that could make all her dreams come true.

A Valentine Bride by Teresa DesJardien

Lady Christine Jordan had not hoped for much when she answered an advertisement for the position of wife to Baron Whittam. Could a Valentine's Day ceremony bring true love to this mismatched couple?

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