Enid Blyton - The Secret Island (The Secret Series, #1). PDF

PDF I came to the "secret" series late, but I think this may be one of my new favorite children's adventure books. It was different from the other adventure series because the main characters, four children, actually run away in the book, which leads them to their adventures.

Three siblings are forced to live with their cruel aunt and uncle, who work them to the bone, after their pilot parents go missing. They befriend an orphaned neighbor boy and the four of them hatch a plot to run away from their bad situations. Their adventures start after they have lived on a secret island in the middle of a gigantic lake.

This book could have stood alone, butEnid Blyton extended it into an adventure series. This is arguably the best of that series because it is fresh; the remaining stories fall into the typical (but wonderful!) Blyton adventure template.

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