Alannah Carbonneau - All Good Things Absolved (Good Things, #3). PDF

PDF “I don’t care what bridges crumble or what ocean stands in the way, I’ll always find my way to you because I was born for this – with you. I was made to fill you and you were made to complete me.” – Jace Rush.

The epic love story of two wounded hearts comes to a conclusion in this captivating, heartwarming novel. An unexpected turn of events forces Jace and Olivia to fight their fears of the unknown and dive headfirst into a life they’d always dreamed about but never believed they would ever be complete enough to live. Olivia is pregnant and at first, the fear is too much – it crushes down around her heart until she feels desperate for reprieve. The only thing keeping her head above water is the smile on Jace’s face and the light in his eyes. He believes they possess the ability to parent an innocent soul and it is his belief that shatters her resolve. In a moment where every dream changes and every aspiration is challenged, the two decide to walk hand in hand into the unknown – encased in only their love.

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