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PDF In accord with my general policy of not rating books which espouse a racist viewpoint, I have award this book “zero” stars. Since my ratings are usually based on how well an author achieves his or her goal, and not on how much I “like” something, this would result in an unfortunate impression in such cases, and I do not wish to be seen to be promoting these texts, which I read for purposes of study, not of agreement.

This book is a product of the “14 Word Press,” which was founded by the convicted murderer and conspirator David Lane (who described himself as a “political prisoner” until his death in 2007) in collaboration with his wife and the author of this book, Ron McVan. Lane offers a very enthusiastic and bluntly racist introduction to the book (for example, telling us that “WOTAN” stands for the “Will of the Aryan Nation”), which is otherwise something of a stealth effort to infiltrate racist ideas into the mainstream heathen and neo-pagan community. Much of it reads like a standard non-scholarly introduction to neo-pagan worship of the Norse pantheon, including a typically superficial introduction to the Runes and their use in divination. This latter is derived from the mystical insights of the anti-Semite Guido von List, although in fairness the same could be said of most non-racist Asatru runology, so in that sense McVan may be more honest in his approach than other heathens. The book is filled with third rate artistic depictions of Vikings that belong in an amateur Role Playing zine, which is also typical of the mainstream neo-pagan press. In all, it makes a very effective tool for planting seeds in a community that is already partly dedicated to non-rational decision making, although neither its political nor its spiritual message will stand up to much critical analysis.

Within the white nationalist discourse, there is an ongoing debate about what spiritual approach will be the most effective in promoting racial ideology. Many, especially within the US, are dismissive of any neo-pagan or “occult” approach within a “Christian” culture, if only because of the fact that it alienates the majority of the population. Others, such as Lane and McVan, argue that Christianity itself is an alien spirituality that weakens European identity, ignoring the fact that the period of European ethnic global dominance they long to return to came about during almost uniform Christian spiritual beliefs among Europeans. From any practical point of view, both sides of this coin are likely to continue with equal (lack of) success, since the extreme racist forms of Christianity and heathenry both appeal solely to a marginal fringe of fanatics. This book represents one part of that fringe, but doesn’t offer a great deal of insight into their actual workings, for those interested in studying the far right in the United States.

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