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PDF Here is the successor to COUNTRY WISDOM, the first in David Larkin's series of handsomely illustrated and informative books about country ways and country life. COUNTRY ACRES takes the reader from the country house to its outbuildings - barns, sheds, cribs - and on to its gardens, fields, trees, and ponds. In his charming fashion, Larkin offers information and guidance for country-lovers of all levels of sophistication, explaining how fields get their size and shape; how best to use the tools of country work, from grub hoe to chainsaw; why you should (or shouldn't) grow potatoes; how to farm your trees and grow fish as a food source; and how best to pick and store your crops. All these and hundreds of other topics are covered in this artfully designed volume, with more than two hundred full-color photographs and drawings. Much more than a how-to book, COUNTRY ACRES is about the art of understanding the country.

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