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PDF Packed with original research findings from work with cutting edge corporations, Leading the Change outlines a powerful model for those committed to a progressive new business paradigm. Authors Sue Hall and Bryan Thomlison combine Harvard Business School and leading practitioner knowledge to collect a wealth of experience that indicates how corporate leaders are restructuring markets around environmental, health and safety, social, and sustainability issues, and then describe how adaptive companies benefit through authentic stakeholder learning around these issues. They analyze why certain companies have been successful and others not, and for the first time anywhere, they show how to actually measure the impact of social responsibility on a corporation's financial statements, using illustrations from a broad cross section of progressive companies.Ranging across North America, Europe and the developing world, Leading the Change features powerful examples from both little known and high profile companies including, for example, Conoco, Arm and Hammer, Shaman Pharmaceuticals, and Loblaws as well as from nations like West Germany, Canada and Indonesia. As stimulating as it is original, this practical and inspiring guide to the new business paradigm will be of exceptional interest to business and policy leaders, environmental groups, and public interest advocates everywhere.

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