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PDF By exploring developments in various fields of study and interest, The Renaissance—part of the See Through History series—presents a broad overview of the events, institutions and technology which shaped its titular era. Proceeding from a brief explanation of the fall of the western Roman Empire and the ensuing Middle Ages, this work addresses a new topic with every opening, breaking each subject down into bold-headed sections, each with a handful of sentences written in a broad informational style. Illustrations are plentiful, and include both representational scenes and contemporary art and maps. Four of the chapters include a full-page illustration of a building with a transparent overlay which reveals the inner structure when the page is turned. Although it is of necessity highly focused on the European experience of the era, and lacks a great deal of analytical depth and detail, this book would make a good introduction to the era for students about to read Machiavelli's The Prince or Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet or Merchant of Venice.

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