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PDF They said it was a meteora] They were wronga] Sixty-five million years ago a primordial swamp spawned a terror unlike anything the world had ever known: a monstrous virus. Twenty years later it circled the globe, ending the reign of the dinosaurs. In a short-lived but devastating plague, most of the animals on the planet fell victim to the disease. Unfortunately for humanity, the story was not to end there. An archeological expedition stumbles across a strange fossil that still contains the ancient virus. A research worker unwittingly releases it, and a proven planet killer is reborn. People start dyinga] Rumors start flyinga] World leaders believe they are victims of a biological attack, and they search frantically for a nonexistent culprit. Fear and panic spread faster than the disease. Scientists all over the planet wage a desperate battle against a microscopic nightmare. Will they succeed, or will the virus come Full Circle?

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