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PDF The Burning Serpent Oracle is a 21st century re-creation of the 19th century Lenormand fortune-telling cards. Named for France'smost famous card reader, the Lenormand deck works with basic life images—a house, a tree, a man, a woman, a key, a heart. The kinds of images that appear in our dreams.

Robert M. Place, creator of the Alchemical Tarot, and Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom, have brought these 160 year old cards to vivid new life, with meanings that move from the strictly traditional to the the creative and spiritual. With images that are clear and precise, yet also drawing on myth and fairy tale, The Burning Serpent Oracle works on many levels—as a standard Lenormand deck, as a revealer of secrets, and as a guide to the soul.

Because The Burning Serpent is rooted in tradition, both the cards and the book can be used to learn the clear and precise methods of Lenormand. Along with card by card meanings, we follow the fascinating history of how the deck came to be, and discover the techniques and spreads that have made Lenormand so valuable. At the same time, the cards and book open up deeper meanings and hidden possibilities. These were always there in the Lenormand tradition. In The Burning Serpent Oracle they come vividly to life.

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