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Pawlish has created a wonderful story that will pull readers in from the very beginning.The Nephilim, children of fallen angles and mortals, have resurfaced in the small town of Taylor Crossing, and Rory’s curiosity lands him in the middle of an epic battle within the town.Watching the story unfold was amazing, and I really came to love the characters, especially Rory as he pieced together the background of the town and realized what the Nephilim truly were.

I really enjoyed this book, especially since I’d never heard the term Nephilim before.It turns out that I’ve been reading a lot of books about the Nephilim lately and just didn’t know it.I am thankful that Pawlish presents them in such a way that I now truly understand what they are, and realizing that the Nephilim are actually mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 was a jolting experience, making this novel all the more scary as it unfolded.Pawlish is a wonderful storyteller, weaving the novel together through both past and present events, masterfully revealing the plot twists and turns...

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