Kathy Love - Wanting What You Get (Stepp Sisters Trilogy, #2). PDF

PDF Chunky and unpopular in high school, Ellie Stepp was often the brunt of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior. Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence, Ellie has resigned herself to being overweight and single.

But Ellie has always had a crush on Mason Sweet, and when they find themselves paired off at her sister's wedding, Mason is flirtatious. Ellie can't imagine what a popular mayor would want with a dowdy librarian, but Mason is drawn to her curves, unruly blonde curls, and big, blue eyes.

Unfortunately, both of them start this new relationship with enough baggage for several couples. Because of the secretive nature of Mason's courtship, Ellie's already low self-esteem hits rock bottom, and Mason drowns his sorrows in alcohol.

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