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PDF Mac OS in a Nutshell is a comprehensive, compact reference that systematically reveals what serious users of Mac OS will find interesting and useful. It includes the essential details of the operating system, utility programs, and configuration settings, all captured in a consistent reference format.

O'Reilly's "In a Nutshell" series revolutionized computer book publishing with their common-sense approach, depth of detail, and focus on practical information that's of real use. This style is perfect for both intuitive and deep Macintosh users. If it's true that "you can learn the Mac in two hours," it is also true that this operating system has hidden depths. Mac OS in a Nutshell plumbs those depths for readers who want to know the Mac OS and its integrated system of hardware and software inside and out. Up-to-date with information on the iMac and System9, Mac OS in a Nutshell opens the world of Apple computing to a new audience.

It contains:

New changes for Mac OS 9, including information on the revamped Sherlock A fast-paced introduction to the operating system for new users Detailed documentation on User Interface including clipboard and memory management A look at almost every command and utility available with Mac OS, including window behaviors, universal commands, and important documentation on programs such as QuickTime Detailed advice and documentation on multimedia and printing, including color management and fonts A detailed treatment of Internet configuration and access via Dial-Up Networking; also covers peer-to-peer and client-server file sharing Lots of tips, gotchas, and clever ways to do familiar and not-so-familiar tasks Pointers to useful online sites for additional information
This book follows the common-sense O'Reilly approach, cutting through the hype and giving readers practical details they can use every day. Anyone who wants to make the most of Mac OS will love this book.

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