Eileen Bell - The First Circle (The 10th Circle Project #1). PDF

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The moon turns the color of blood and an earthquake ravages the cities. Some say they are god's will. Others call them random acts. But a few claim they know the truth — the 10th Circle Project is opening Pandora's Box...and some things escaping are better left undiscovered.

Disgraced cop Harry Stafford's banishment to Purgatory is a career ender. When he encounters a monster who might've once been a man, he must decide how much more he's willing to lose.

One small job — the type where no one gets hurt and everyone gets paid. Except Jack knows that there's no such thing as a small job and his only chance of getting out of Hope alive are a killer with half a brain, a drug-addicted wheelman, and a crazed demolitions expert.

Conman extraordinaire, Reverend Jim is having a crisis in faith. Is this really about the con and the money? Or is God trying to deliver a message – and he must be the messenger?

When Dr. Ember Cantara is lured to Glory to develop a cure for a rare but fatal retrovirus, she learns that even an earthquake can't bury an organism that has waited eons to emerge.

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