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PDF This volume in the Language Teacher Research Series (Thomas S. C. Farrell, series editor) presents research conducted by language teachers at all levels, from high school English teachers to English language teacher educators, reflecting on their practices.The countries represented in this book are Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica, and the United States. The teacher researchers who share their experiences in this volume show how language teachers can become empowered to examine their practices and reflect on ways to refine their approaches. As these professional educators strive to improve teaching and learning, their efforts take a variety of forms. The authors of Language Teacher Research in the Americas teach in many different contexts, whether they are in higher education, K 12 schools, or teacher education settings. In relation to their specific contexts, they analyze their teaching practices, reflect on their studentslearning environments, and turn the lessons learned into practical instructional strategies that can foster growth in teachers as well as students. Each author describes specific classroom experiences in the Americas and extracts a more broadly applicable analysis of how to improve student learning.Edited by Hedy M. McGarrell, Language Teacher Research in the Americas includes the following topics:Recognizing sources of confusion and tapping studentsstrengths to promote vocabulary acquisition.Exploring activities that prepare English learners for communication outside the classroom.Gathering information from students, giving them choices, and adapting practices based on what is actually happening in the classroom.Empowering students, through awareness and reflection, to use strategies to enhance their own learning.Promoting teacher reflection and collaborative problem solving.

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