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PDF Sometimes believing requires much more than seeing! This collection of stories from top harlequin authors reveals how it is sometimes better to see things with your heart.

If Love Be Blind by Emma Goldrick

She didn't intend to deceive him

When Philomena Peabody met her boss's son, he was suffering temporary snow blindness. "You sound like somebody's mother;" Penn Wilderman said, convinced by her no-nonsense attitude that she was "a sweet little old lady."

Even after she'd moved into his luxurious mansion to help look after his son, Phil couldn't disillusion Penn about her age.

To help win a custody battle for his teenage son, Phil agreed to marry Penn. But she dreaded facing him once the bandages were off, and he could see his attractive twenty-seven-year-old wife....

When I See Your Face by Connie Bennett

She wanted him desperately. . .

But there were numerous reasons mystery writer Ryanne Kirkland couldn't consider a future with Hugh MacKenna, the charismatic private investigator from Los Angeles.

Firstly, she was blind. And she didn't want any man's pity. More importantly, she had lost her sight after witnessing a brutal murder. There was a chance she'd regain her vision, but that meant identifying the murderer - and entering a witness protection program. Ryanne cared for Hugh too much to take him away from everything he held dear.

He only wished he could make her understand that none of it meant anything without her...

Blind to Love by Rebecca Winters

"I'm not the man you married."

But to Libby, her husband was the same, despite the accident that had left him blind. He was still the Vance Anson who'd created a successful mining empire in Kenya, still the loving husband whose kisses promised such rapture.

How could Libby fight Vance's insistence that his blindness changed everything? He no longer wanted Libby in his lifeā€”had even handed her an airline ticket home to England.

But Libby was determined to stay with her husband. She loved him too much to leave...

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