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No apology is necessary for publishing as a volume of the "FAITH-PROMOTING SERIES" some portion of the history of the late President Heber C. Kimball. Knowing the estimation in which he was held while living by the Latter day Saints universally, and that the memory of his virtues and life-long devotion to the cause of God is still fresh in their hearts, we feel assured that they will regard as an acceptable offering the brief account of his experience contained in this volume. We only regret that we cannot in the present work give a sketch of his entire life, or at least all of those incidents from it which would tend to promote faith in young readers. His was an exceedingly active and interesting life, and it is scarcely necessary to state that the sketch here published, covering a period of only a little over four years, contains but a fraction of that which is interesting and wonderful in his life's experience. However, what is here given will doubtless convey many valuable lessons to those who read it, and will serve to indicate the character of the great man of whom it treats.

Heber Chase Kimball was one of the greatest men of this age. There was a certain nobility about his appearance as well as his disposition that would have made him conspicuous in any community, and the Church of Jesus Christ afforded ample scope for the exercise of his ability, and the trying scenes through which he passed called into play his best powers.

He was a man of commanding presence, with eyes so keen as to almost pierce one through, and before which the guilty involuntarily quailed. He was fearless and powerful in rebuking the wrong-doer, but kind, benevolent and fatherly to the deserving. He possessed such wonderful control over the passions of men, combined with such wisdom and diplomacy that the Prophet Joseph Smith called him "the peace-maker." His great faith, zeal, earnestness, devotion to principle, cheerfulness under the most trying circumstances, energy, perseverance and honest simplicity marked him as no ordinary man. He possessed great natural force and strong will power, yet in his submission to the Priesthood and obedience to the laws of God he set a pattern to the whole Church. His example throughout life was one of which his posterity may ever think with pride, and which the Saints generally will do well to follow.

No man, perhaps, Joseph Smith excepted, who has belonged to the Church in this generation, ever possessed the gift of prophecy to a greater degree than Brother Kimball. Although not at all pretentious, he was somewhat celebrated among his acquaintances for his prophetic inspiration. The prediction which he made soon after the arrival of the Pioneers in Salt Lake Valley, that the destitute Saints would soon be supplied with clothing, and that "States goods" would be sold in Salt Lake City as cheap as in New York, seemed most unreasonable at the time it was uttered. Its fulfillment, however, by the unexpected influx of gold-seekers, making their way to California, and anxious to lighten their loads by selling their goods at almost any price, is now a matter of history. Scores of other predictions were made by him and as literally fulfilled.

Brother Kimball was the only one of his father's family who embraced the gospel, but now his is one of the most numerous families in the Church. At the time of his death, which occurred June 22, 1868, he was the father of sixty-five children, of whom thirty males and eleven females were then living. His direct descendants now number one hundred and seventy-two.

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