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PDF "A Gift to You" is a collection of golfing secrets, strategies and inner game principles that have been used by the world's best golfer's since the very beginning of the game of golf.

This book will instantly transform you from an ok or "good" player to a player who fully understands how to became a champion and what it takes to win in golf. You'll also learn; How to to significantly improve distance and accuracy almost instantly. How to cope in pressure situations. How to master your inner mental. How to dramatically improve your swing. How to improve your stance and posture. How to develop a killer backswing.

How to improve on your consistency and accuracy when pitching, chipping and putting, plus other strategies that will enable you to tear into anyone you play.

Plus most importantly you'll learn how to stop focusing on the little details and... Play an Excellent game of golf that will actually wow anyone watching and have them talking for years.

Once you've had a chance to get into this book, we hope that you'll come back to this page and leave a review for it just as many other satisfied golfers have :)

"This is one of the most amazing books in terms of getting a different perspective and insight to the game of golf" - Mike Masters - Greenwich, Connecticut

"Read it. Devour it. Keep it as a reference book. You-ll be glad you did." - Jim Miller

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