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PDF —Times Record News, Wichita Falls, Texas "Despite the hint in the title, it's wholesome enough for readers of any age." —The Star Democrat, Easton, MD Santa is fed up. Tired of playing nice with author and illustrator James Rice, he decides to give him a piece of his mind. What was wrong, he wonders, with the classic "The Night Before Christmas" tale? Why must he play sailor, firefighter, teacher, and doctor? Where will it end? Full of frustration rather than his usual good cheer, Santa contests all of the guises that Mr. Rice placed upon him over the years-from wearing a Cajun muskrat suit to donning a Pennsylvania Dutch outfit; from traveling with bears, donkeys, and sea ponies to encountering naughty Irish elves, gators, and gun-toting rednecks. In the end, he reasserts himself as the jolly old Santa that he once was and gets back to business "in the same old-fashioned way/making his annual rounds/with gifts, reindeer, and sleigh." According to Mr. Rice, this book was inspired by a dream he had where an old man was chasing him all night. He finally recognized him as Santa in all the outfits the author had concocted for him. Said Mr. Rice, "This is the only book I ever wrote that was inspired by a nightmare "

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