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PDF ***The First His and Hers Series*** Book one is From Her Side...

...I kissed him sensually, and somewhat cautiously.
Though Ms. Ruby was definitely focusing on the ten inch thickness that was rubbing up against my inner thighs, my mind was all over the place.
I was now Mrs. Santana Jones and Lord knows that Santana was the best thing that’d ever happened to me.
So why was I thinking about Joey?
Joey wasn't exactly happy about my decision to remarry; especially after all of his efforts to end my last marriage.
He had even gone as far as threatening to kill me and Santana if I went through with it all but what right did he have to make such a demand?
After all—- he was married too...
***Can you keep up with the Jones? Or will you be left behind!***

Book Two is expected to be released December 28th. "Mr. Jones" and it will come from His Side!

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