Roger Hayden - The Pulse (The Pulse: An EMP Prepper Survival Tale Book 3). PDF

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Two weeks after a series of coordinated EMP strikes throughout the country, a group of preppers have banded together to manage through the crisis. A disastrous altercation with vengeful outsiders has led to a bug-out house in shambles, and their vehicles destroyed, and their supplies vanquished. James soon leads his prepper group to a mysterious refuge called “Camp Liberty.” Controlled by an eccentric man named Russell, the camp provides food and shelter as well as protection in the form of a well-trained militia. James and his prepper group are welcomed into the camp with open arms, but soon discover disturbing truths behind the friendly façade. The heavily fortified camp is inescapable, and Russell is looking for fresh “recruits” for his militia, where choice is not an option. Meanwhile in Atlanta, Terrance and his son, Tobias, patrol their bug-out van through the destruction of their hometown in hopes of finding Richie only to find themselves trapped in a city that has long descended into chaos and anarchy. The nightmare is only beginning in this engrossing tale of strength against the odds. Don’t miss the latest chapter in this acclaimed EMP prepper survival series!

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