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PDF In Borrego Springs, California, the annual meeting of the dove club was of purely local interest before and after 1993.That was the year the minutes were significant to anyone beyond a small group of hunters and friends.On that night, three members of a prominent San Diego family were present, as usual: Ed Fletcher III, his son Eric, and Ed’s uncle Ferdinand Fletcher.Ed Fletcher III would leave the meeting and drive home with a blood alcohol level near .33.He would find in his kitchen the empty bottles of gin and vodka and wonder who had poured his liquor down the drain.He would go to the room where he kept his guns, select one, and return to the kitchen, where his friends were waiting for the dinner they'd been invited to enjoy.

Out on the desert, where the evening temperature was still 98 degrees, his son Eric was walking off his anger at his father’s refusal to stop drinking.He was watching the mourning doves rise and fall in the night sky.He was close enough to his parents’ house that he heard not only the shots but a woman’s scream.

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