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PDF Take a large dose of a suspense thriller, add in a mysterious accident or is it a cold blooded murder? Exact the most spine chilling revenge imaginable. Dust with a sprinkling of romance. All co-exist surrounded by swirling series of family crisis. The captivating result, Broken Wings.

If God was a woman would she stand for this? The Cranstons are a family in crisis. Eldest son Lawrence has died in mysterious circumstances, was it an accident or was it something more sinister? Edward has resorted to masking his unhappiness by turning to drink. Life seems to be conspiring against them. A terminal illness diagnosis allows Edward a perverse opportunity to provide a small nest egg for Isabel, and at the same time to exact a spectacular revenge. Isabel's focus is to hold the family together in spite of a devastating run of challenging family issues. Out of adversity emerges a new hope but one stupid mistake threatens to derail Isabel's fortunes. Isabel and her family flee to Los Angeles to hide her shame. Love blossoms, her life has improved until tragedy strikes again. Isabel makes a decision, she is now a wealthy woman, she returns home to England to confront her shameful past. Once her secret is revealed she can finally exorcise her guilt.

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