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PDF I really like Lonely Planet books. They give a good combo of info on culture, accommodation, entertainment, food and landscape. I found this one middle of the road.It certainly did help me figure out how to spend my time or rather where to go in Portugal.It was mostly reliable.

We got some great hotel recommendations Chiado 16 (most beautiful and largest hotel bathroom I have ever seen) and Sea Me—fantastic seafood restaurant with amazing sushi and small plates of seafood with interesting flavors!

There were a few let downs regarding some restaurants/towns that just didn't measure up to the description in the book.

However, I hated the e-version of this book. It didn't allow me to scan thru it or flip back and forth easily. Sometimes in print is better.Also, the latter parts of the book wouldn't download properly.As a result, I read through a lot of it insteat of just using it as a resource.The maps are also really difficult to read on the online version I had that wouldn't blow up larger. Bah! Annoying. My complaints are more to the format of the book than the content.

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