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PDF This is a comprehensive collection of government reports, documents, and publications about all aspects of Chechnya, with unique analysis and insights: conflicts with Russia and the invasion by the Russian military; Chechen rebels, insurgent groups, and terrorists, Muslims in Chechnya and the Islamist movement, and much more. This massive compilation provides an unparalleled look at the Chechen situation, the role of Russia, and Chechnya's impact on the world and the United States.

Part One includes dozens of reports compiled since the Russian invasion in 1994 by the Army's Foreign Military Studies Office. Part Two has extensive material from the U.S. State Department, DoD, and other government agencies. Part Three includes the following lengthy and detailed reports and documents, reproduced in full:

Report 1: Insurgent Groups in Chechnya * Report 2: To Tame a Chechen Wolf: Shedding the Failing Frame of Salafism * Report 3: Involvement of Russian Organized Crime Syndicates, Criminal Elements in the Russian Military, and Regional Terrorist Groups in Narcotics Trafficking in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Chechnya * Report 4: Success of Terrorism in War: The Case of Chechnya * Report 5: Thumping the Hive: Russian Neocortical Warfare in Chechnya * Report 6: Afghanistan and Chechnya: Low Intensity Preludes to Another Revolution * Report 7: Russia, the United States, and the Caucasus * Report 8: Russian Tactical Lessons Learned Fighting Chechen Separatists * Report 9: Technology and the Second Chechen Campaign: Not All New And Not That Much * Report 10: Pseudo Democracy, Real War - Russia's Autocratic Conduct in Chechnya and the Implications for U.S. National and Regional Security Strategy * Report 11: Russia in Afghanistan and Chechnya: Military Strategic Culture and the Paradoxes of Asymmetric Conflict * Report 12: Russian Snipers in the Mountains and Cities of Chechnya * Report 13: Russian Strategy in Chechnya: A Case Study in Failure * Report 14: Artillery in Urban Operations: Reflections on Experiences in Chechnya * Report 15: Why the Russian Military Failed in Chechnya * Report 16: Chechnya - Russia's Quagmire * Report 17: Chechnya and Russia: Conflict and Self-Determination * Report 18: Russia's Invasion of Chechnya: A Preliminary Assessment * Report 19: Russian Urban Tactics: Lessons from the Battle for Grozny * Report 20: Viral Hepatitis and the Russian War in Chechnya.

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