David Leigh - Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes. PDF

PDF Discover these wonderful, easy and creative ideas for creating and decorating your spooktacular Halloween cupcakes. Perfect for any Halloween party, birthday party or just a spoooooky night out with friends.

These creepy and ghoulish creations can be made from store-bought cupcakes or homemade cupcake, or even turned into cupcake cakes!

Tap into your oh so scary creative juices and come up with different variations using different candies, gummies and cupcake toppings.

You’ll discover how to create:

*Oozing Eyeball cupcakes

*Grumpy Old Witch cupcakes

*Hoo Hoo Owl cupcakes

*Who Ate All My Cookies Cookie Monster cupcakes

*Hairy Spider Web cupcakes

*Bubble Tooth Monster Cupcakes

*Teeth Grinding Frog Cupcakes

*Forever Dead Ghost Cupcakes

*Count Dracula Cupcakes

*Sideways Pumpkin Cupcakes

*Purple People Eater Cupcakes

*Explosive Spider Cupcakes...

Happy Halloween!

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