Rachel Rager - Perfecly Imperfect. PDF

PDF One of my New Year's resolutions was to clean out my Kindle and this one has been on my Kindle for ages. I admit, one star is probably a bit harsh, but this one just didn't connect with me.

I thought Monet was immature and I had a hard time connecting to her. Bristol was boring. Macall (her BFF) was bi-polar and I'm not sure why Monet never stood up to her. Enid (is that really a guys name?) was a lame villain, we're told all this bad stuff he did, but I never got a evil vibe from him. I didn't feel that any of the characters truly behaved realistically and the dialog sometimes felt off.

I don't normally comment on this (because I do it all the time), but there were quite a few typos (e.g. stock instead of stalk). Overall, I just thought it was kind of weird and cheesy.

Romance: Clean
Violence: Mild

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