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PDF MYTH, MAGIC AND GLITTER is a bewitching collection of young adult short stories, ranging from myth retellings to fantasy, all featuring a lesbian heroine. This collection is part of Project Unicorn, a fiction project that seeks to address the near nonexistence of lesbian main characters in young adult fiction by giving them their own stories.

This collection contains:

- A Myth of Ashes (Fantasy)
The nameless, gold-haired girl feeds a fire in a cave and awaits the time when she will share her story with the world.

- The Underwater Girl (Fantasy)
Disowned by her mother for coming out, Mara joins her estranged father at his scientific compound up north and discovers something sacred beneath the ice.

- When Thou Wakest (Fantasy)
Drawn to the new girl at school, Felice finds out that she and quiet, gold-eyed Greta share the same dreams—and, perhaps, a past thousands of years and millions of miles away.

- Flowers for Clouds (Fantasy)
Harumi's love, a tennyo named Shizuka, vanished months ago when the sakura was in bloom.Now the sakura flourishes again, and the petals guide Harumi to the missing Shizuka—and to her own unexpected truth.

- Even in Another Time (Fantasy)
In ancient Greece, the goddess of love inspires a young poet. In modern America, that same poet's words give a lovesick girl the courage to be herself.

- The Edge of Day (Fantasy)
Hemera–goddess of the day–is sentenced to the pit of Tartarus each night, while her beloved, the goddess Nyx, is sentenced to Tartarus in the day, so they will never be together again. An evil, twisted monster lurks in Tartarus, but Hemera and Nyx hatch a plan to be together regardless of darkness.

- Speak of the Devil (Paranormal)
Savannah and her mother have a strange obsession with the old folk tale of the Jersey Devil, and–at night–Savannah dreams of the monster. Told in verse, this is the story of an awakening.

- True if by Sea (Fantasy)
Born into a body that doesn't reflect her true self, the mermaid Meloa seeks the sea priestess to trade her inheritance for truth.

- Phasma (Paranormal)
Molly encounters a ghost from her past while trying to deal with the aftermath of her girlfriend's suicide.

- Dear Salome (Fantasy)
Obsessed with the historical figure of Salome, Elle sets out to reclaim the mythic dancer's story, as well as her own.

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