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PDF Assigned to evaluate the mental condition of Tucker Wilson, a schizophrenic killer, Brian Cruse discovers first hand the horror of who Wilson truly is. As he plays the game of life, he begins to wonder whether he is real or just a figment of the imagination; perhaps he is an alter ego.Eventually, Cruse finds himself at the bridge of familiarity. He can either light it on fire or tip toe across to meet the horror on the other side. What begins as another routine evaluation, soon turns into a personal journey of a reality Cruse has chosen to suppress and create. Driven by the search for truth, the questioning of reality, and the horrifying honesty and familiarity of Tucker Wilson, Cruse begins his own journey of self-discovery, or more appropriately, self-destruction. A story of confused reality, the quest for truth, and the beauty of hope, We Live Dying is a crowbar bound to pry the floorboards of the darkest soul.

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